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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

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@rotdubhakt Bad luck RB, it seems your latest account too is on its way for suspension.

Suspensions and suspensions... I just realized twtr has put some kind of lock with all of my email ids... Twtr ids are suspended as soon as I made them... Now I made twtr account with fresh mail account... If interested follow me there (at) rotdubhak ... Tks

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And after the brutal rape, Hindu Terrorist Sympathising BJP supporters just have to go after the communal angle...

This from the followers of the fake religion that continue to practice Holy Hindu Prostitution in Devdasi.

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GDP is Congress Concept.

BJP to bring in new method to assess economic health of country by measuring how many litres of Gaumutra & how many metric tons of Cowdung produced/consumed quarter after quarter. #GDP4POINT5

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Ajit Pawar ke mutra se snaan karke BJP aur pavitra ho gayee... 😂😁😀🤷

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BJP has shamelessly protected the corrupt from all parties, provided they join BJP. No discrimination!


Bhakt: Amit Shah is Chanakya.

Chanakya: Akal ke andho autocorrect band karo aur 'Chutiya' sahi spelling se likha karo... badnam kar ke rakh diya hai haramiyon ne

ANI is so competent and capable news agency that if allowed they will also report which colour of Modi's and which flavour is of Shah's choice of condoms. 😏😏

During loksabha election we got to know Parth Pawar is clueless chutiya lekin uska baap bhi ander se aisa param chutiya hai pata nahi tha...

How ANI was there early in the morning in Rajbhavan in Maharashtra? Is ANI was sleeping with BJP, or Governor or Ajit Pawar?

How many BJP MLAs will be defecting to other parties in near future?

How is it possible that The Telegraph India is ABP group publication 😦😮😯
Bhencho TV pe saale poore bhakti me doobe rahte hai

If any uncle says whatever bjp did in Maharashtra is masterstroke... Tell that uncle that it same like aunty getting pregnant with neighbor's effort and you are distributing sweets for your success.

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So Bhajap plus 6 or 7 Ajits makes a Gobarmint in Maharashtra? Looks like some of that bond funding will come in handy? #corruption #ElectoralBond #MaharashtraDrama

Sarkar banane ke liye kya kya karna padta hai? Devendra Fadnavis se poocho, jisne aaj savere savera Gaumutra ke saath saath Ajit Mutra bhi peena pada... 😀😁😂

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India is not a Banana Republic. It is a Dhokla Republic run by two bearded men who have got their friendly ‘clean chit’ manipulating government servants on board to help run/ruin the nation: Rupa Gulab

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30 years after being Anti South Indian, now even Shiv Sena says

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इतिहास गवाह है
जहां काली टोपी है
वहां हरामखोरी है

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