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So here’s my deal:

Open Source Software - generally - is a bad idea now. At one point it was a good idea, but not any more.

It’s become a process by which all products of my profession that aren’t user data or business processes have their value set to zero.

It’s become a process where we give away our labor for free in the hopes that someone will hire us.

It’s become a process by which we donate our labor to billionaires and governments.

Don’t write open source software. Keep your labor.

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So this has been rolling around in my head for a while and I finally wrote it down

Please read and enjoy my manifesto about how Open Source is Bad, Actually, and How We Should Stop Letting Evil People Use Our Work

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Remember when they changed the sign on the hill to say


earlier this year? That was the best thing that ever happened in our history.

here's more of my terrible music. This is some fucking amazing shit and you owe it to yourself to stick around until about 2:10

just minding my own business shopping online for curio cabinets when suddenly

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incredible, apple announced speech recognition on a desktop computer, truly this is the intersection of technology and liberal arts

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Boomers: cribbage on line
Gen X: Craisglist swinger section gone?
Millienials: brewery [hometown] directions
Zoomer: elsa fart spiderman minecraft youtube

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This machine disapproves of fascists, but if we silence them then who are the *real* fascists?

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rms may be a big gross weirdo but he was right about a lot of stuff.

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stock photos for all your stock photo needs, such as when you need this one to convey the idea of what this is:

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ok but wait, listen: what if you COULD stop the rock?

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the "star wars kid" video but it's me in my kitchen with a microplane

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