tech question (btrfs) 

tech question (btrfs) 

@rotor idk ext4 is "good enough" sure but there's gotta be a reason that people are excited about these fancy-schmancy new things, right?


@trwnh programmers get excited about any new shit whether it’s useful or not

@rotor ok but this is clearly useful and i'm just having trouble grasping how/why it's useful

although, i'm having much less trouble after someone shared this with me


idk i don’t do weird system stuff. I just plug the disks in and add em to fstab and call it done. ext4 suits my needs and i don’t have to waste three nights figuring out if it’s perfectly optimal

@rotor that's fair, i guess. that's also what i want for the most part. so far the most practical reason i've seen is that ext4 doesn't protect against bitrot

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