The badcode subreddit has started a wonderful series of contests where people solve problems with the most poorly written code possible. Here's the current one:

Someone in an earlier challenge already used my favorite tack of abusing the C# goto statement and break out of structured programming

Chris Pressey's project ETERLAN SEPTEBMER is written in his Befunge language (and is just about the easiest-to-read Befunge program I've seen), celebrating 25 years of the language

I like this possibility of Befunge for generative texts -- the visual nature of the language plays to its advantage

random walk starting at a random vector


I'll stop now

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The aesthetics of computation are rooted in logic and NOT inextricably linked to the discreetness of the digital. Other forms of computation exist

My Sentences on Code Art are about computational thinking as much as about programming; about the conflict between human thinking and logic.

The materialism of software is logic, it is not the digital of our physical hardware. Many languages work equally well on analog computers or might require other types of machines, perhaps ones that can never physically exist.

This does not reflect their validity as logical systems.

released a JS version of rot8000, the caesarean cypher for the unicode era

Recently purchased a spare hippocampus from a lobe vendor. Want to get it onto the board of directors of a person-corporation. If you're interested in doing business, have your Broca's area call my auditory cortex.

The Inuktitut word for Inuktitut is ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ -- it is spoken by Inuit in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.

Rot8000'd, it is 酪邩迬鄕酬速迪遍, in the CJK plane, just like Roman letters are. CJK is enormously large; 87,887 characters in all.

A look at three versions of Evan Roth’s All HTML; structural studies of the web as text

"The butler did it" rot8000'd has all characters within the CJK Unified Ideographs block. These Chinese characters can be used as kanji in Japanese or hanja in Korean. They are halfway around the Basic Multilingual Plane from Roman characters.

@aparrish Yes and I think expanding that surface is what interests most programmers — who are likely happy to leave it to an AI to stitch together existing code to address some slightly different set of requirements.

Just discovered this wonderful reddit bot that finds synonyms for every word

Impartial ascertained this howling reddit larva that brainwaves words for all word

nocode: The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.

Rewrote rot8000 in JS this week — which was more work than I’d anticipated — but I’m excited bc will soon use it for my first Mastodon bot

@aparrish My mastodon feed is 90% Allison right now, but it's captivating thoughts on computational poetry, so hard to complain

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