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updated q: should i jump to or

okay pals should i switch from safari 11 to the new firefox?

it's absolutely astonishing how much more effective writing code is when you sit and properly think, instead of trying a bunch of things one after the other in hopes that something will stick

okay but what if i got smilodon working *before* thinking about rolling my own email server

"wow, why does my wrist hurt so much, i've only been coding all day"

most recent takeaway from i really miss writing frontend

revelatory discovery of the night: i can just /tell mongodb not to send me the _id parameter/

goodbye, json.loads(json.dumps(x.json()))

It's #BiVisibilityDay but I ain't shaved well enough for a good selfie so here's my cat playing with a fidget spinner

(it's called 'you don't get your shiny new ssl lock until i fix it for you')

there's a special place in hell for people who use absolute urls for on-site assets

are magic signatures imperative for federation with masto?

if yes, can anybody point me toward some good documentation? i've been unable to find any python libraries, and i have basically no experience with crypto...

@cwebber in webfinger/activitypub, how does masto make the leap from webfinger's response to finding the user's feed? i figure i must be missing something, because @roo doesn't show up any posts, when i think it should?

i watched bojack s4ep2-5 and i have regrets
also i stayed up until midnight and i have regrets
basically i have regrets

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this was a day of "jesus christ i should just give up" and then i got some important advice and figured some things out and kicked some ass and now this feels Achievable again

having made some Good Progress on things such as webfinger today (i can find myself on mastodon! wild!!), i'm back in the place of GONNA WRITE SOME THINGS AND HOPE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM WORKS