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should I be parsing out my OrderedCollection ASObj to be a json so that I can return it, or trying to return the straight-up ASObj? in the context rn of an activitypub outbox

@cwebber any guidance? am i asking the wrong questions?

i assume that a get request with appropriate headers to e.g. <handle>/feed should return an OrderedCollection of the relevant query, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to return an ASObj

@rowanlupton oh man are you using my activipy library? Just guessing because "asobj"

@rowanlupton Anyway to return the appropriate object, yes you want to render it as json and then print it to a string for the body. You'll want to set the appropriate content-type, take a look at to see what it should be

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@cwebber sweet. okay. i think that i have a fetch-only outbox that meets spec now, which is a Huge Step Up

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