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i'm ari! i design video games! i've gone around the wheel a few times from big company to indie and back. who the fuck knows where i'll be at any given point in time!!!

i post about games and cats and music!!!

@tootapp hello! just signed up and downloaded. i authenticated my account and then the app told me wrong pass or email! it even shows up in my auth'ed apps

it's kinda wild being the mastodon spokesperson for my social circle since even i don't know what this will become

protip: mute "" to kill twitter/mastodon bridged retweets.

of course, that twitter->FB functionality literally just broke on august 1st because of new facebook guidelines

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it's funny that cross-posting between twitter and mastodon weirds me out considering i've been cross-posting twitter to facebook for like a decade

overwatch world cup #owwc 

it's really sad to see japan lose that match against russia after their strong start. their supports need to step up to the level of the rest of their team, seems like.

overwatch world cup #owwc 

man, jake has completely surprised me as a caster. he's actually quite good!

i will die a pure soul because i'll have never called it a toot

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Please don't post screenshots of hateful messages. I've blocked these people for a reason. I don't want to see their hatred.

Let's not import that awful Twitter culture in here, please.

alright i'm willing to give this a shot. i really really believe in what mastodon is trying to do and i honestly hope that we violently reject the past 10 years of app and web design (UI+engineering). twitter and facebook fucking ironed out the internet and made it fucking bad.


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