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the Rust implementation of my CD-I shit can now read the disc label. next step: path table and directories so i can locate files on the disc

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getting to a point with rust where i don't constantly have to google shit, feels good

huh. someone e-mailed me about help with a cd-i disc and possibly making a new one.

turns out matsushita (now panasonic avionics) made a 'Passenger Entertainment System' (RD-AA1007) that uses discs with cd-i compatible audio. they don't even have the file system, only audio sectors.

from Pecos Bill (1992) for the Philips CD-I. this art sure is... something

from Berenstain Bears On Their Own (1993) for the Philips CD-I.

(voiced by the guy who voiced Sokolov in MGS3)

i think "The Ultimate Noah's Ark" (1994) wins the award for jankiest video in a CD-I game so far: a whopping 124x90 at ~12fps, encoded in DYUV

today in CD-I shit: poking at MPEG files. they're easy to extract (it's just mpeg) but i also poked around a bit at various options for just muxing them to mkv, transcoding them, etc.

here's what i assume is the credits montage from Cluedo (1994), produced by 3T Productions Ltd. (the original video has blank space that i'm guessing the credits were drawn onto)

here's stuff from the laser lords disc -- supergreatfriend's playthrough of this is the original reason i wanted to try my hand at extracting crap from CD-I discs

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i got my new CD-I DYUV image decoder working. here's uh. some shit from the disc i was playing with earlier, which is just called 'Gnomes'.

i think my strategy for dealing this will have to be:

- mirror the actual read interface for accessing file data
- let the user of the decoder script specify the reads it should emulate, with a few presets to make simple assumptions (each channel separately, all channels at once, etc.)

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