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I'm a long-time software developer (mostly full-stack web dev). I'm a gamer and I play . I also draw things sometimes. I have a blog!

Gonna try having @roytang as my main account for a while. Laters

Decided to try to look at some other instances too to see what it's like. I'm also

Thanks to the free promo on Humble, I played through Orwell today. Story-focused game about gov surveillance, very well done

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1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

Rewatching Young Justice in anticipation of S3. This series was great, easily the best of DC's animated series overall.

Blog Post: Blogging and the Decentralized Internet. I also talk a tiny bit about Mastodon!

How to create a link to my mastodon profile that I can share elsewhere?

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If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior.
Big Data is supercharging this effect.


I *would* like to use Mastodon more, but I feel like discovery here is a bit limited. Anyone recommend any interesting people to follow? I'm interested in tech, programming, gaming, comic books, magic the gathering, etc (you know, nerdy stuff :p)

Thinking about Twitter's current "freedom of speech" vs "hate speech" issues and I wondered whether Mastodon would be affected if it ever scales up. Very happy to read the writeup at

mastodon has no concept of lists as of yet does it

standard was a bust at 1-4 but at least I 3-0'd the draft to end up even for the day. But I wont be comin back tomorrow

Mastodon is so much less toxic than twitter. Or maybe there is just a lot less political content

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🔚 end 15.07.18

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electoral systems

1400 First Past the Pope
1900 First Past the Post
2020 First Past the Shitpost

Was looking for a standup special I could leave running on Netflix and settled on Martin Short/Steve Martin. Much regret, it's so boring. Not sure what I expected from two old white dudes

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