How can Mastodon be made more accesible for birbsite friends that don't fully grok instances and such? I have a lot of people there that would like to be a part of something here but it's too much for them to figure out what to join and how.

@keli just pick an instance for them and tell them to join there

@keli really? Did they tell you w/c steps they find more complex? It seems that the sign up process for twitter and mastodon both accept the same fields - username, email, password (except Twitter has an option to use phone instead of email). If you have specific feedback on how the UI/UX could be improved to make this easier, sending suggestions to the devs might help

@roytang Yes, really. I didn't interrogate them about their process because that would be rude. They felt overwhelmed.

@keli I wonder if its because twitter lets you create the account without immediately verifying your email/phone, but that seems less secure though (mastodon asks you to check your email for verification right after signup). well, maybe you can convince some of your more tech-savvy friends to join first?

@keli also, idk if they might have better experience with one of the mobile apps (I havent used them too much)

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