I think the evolution of masto is pretty solid evidence in support of the concept of security through obscurity

sexism media etc 

historical 14 year old girl: executed for protecting herself from rape

Japanese media: what if we make her an evil psychopathic slut

feel like lexi is disproportionately. popular among trans people

if you have a choice between getting carpal tunnel and not getting carpal tunnel I would suggest not getting it

ah the good ol' how transphobic can someone get before it's worth calling them out on it game. I haven't missed playing you at all

looking at what it would take to turn this manga bullshit I do into an actual job. legit stuff at times being really shitty quality making it hard to judge just how far the gap is between where I'm at and where I would need to be

support for transgirls seems more common than support for transboys and that's a shame. don't necessariyl think it's an intentional thing but every "you can just be a girl" post should also have a "you can also just be a boy" part to it

someone knocked on the door and instant panic attack. miss being not poor and not owing a bunch of money

tbh I've wasted too much money on computers to not know how the hardware side works. really should figure it out but it's such a pain, especially since a lot of intro stuff is very circular logic-ey. stuff on A assumes you know stuff on B and stuff on B assumes you know stuff on A

oh right should post it here for the people who don't follow on bird. computer doing some sketchy shit and money is tight enough that I can't do anything about it for awhile if things go south. if I vanish that would be why

drinking makes work easier to do which tbh is pretty damn troubling

using alcohol for pain relief, which is great until I run out of this godawful whiskey and can't afford more

Why do we still call them brothel madammes and not thot leaders

it'd be cool to not be in the closet about stuff but fucking who knows when I'd be in a position to deal with it if it Didn't Go Well

friend came out to her family and it Didn't Go Well, and it's breaking my heart. why people gotta be shitty assholes

if you're gonna post dick pics to the PTL at least have them be impressive ones

it's sorta amusing how france is making neoliberalism look populist

I miss my passive aggressive friends. I hope you aren't pushed out of the next platform you find like you were this one

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