Oh boy, my least favorite kind of wiring this morning: Trailer wiring.

It and similar "let's use this metal frame as our negative conductor" wiring (cars usually aren't as bad as trailers but grounds/negative can still foul things up easily) can be such a pain. Let's hope this one works right the first time when I finish.

ok, well, it didn't fully work on the first try (silly insulation displacement splices weren't displacing anything), and sadly the jacks on my bench power supply cracked off incidental to testing, but got it working!

Bench supplies (or really, anything besides an actual tow vehicle) are definitely the way to test/troubleshoot trailer wiring.

Now I just need to repair my power supply...😢

@rpavlik Of all the toots ive read today, this has made the most sense and ive never wired a trailer in my life.

@Chay now ponder this: the trailer in question folds in half. How awesome of an electrical connection do you think the hinge makes?

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