Why, yes, I am flying with an IBM Model M2 keyboard and a handbuilt PS2-USB converter for it in my carryon. Doesn't everyone? 😉

(credit where credit due: converter running TMK firmware, with keymap modified to turn Caps Lock into "Windows" key. I just modified the keymap, compiled it, and soldered the thing together.)

And, yes, I did use it plugged into an Android phone using a USB-OTG adapter. What was I supposed to do? 😛

Actually, it didn't work on my Chromebook annoyingly. Stuck LEDs like I still had dried caps on the controller (characteristic failure of M2). Dunno if it's an OS issue - dmesg looks fine tho - or a power issue - but is my phone really driving more voltage out USB than a chromebook?

One thing I didn't bring: voltmeter. Ah well. Good try.

Late late follow-up: looks like it was some kind of USB 3 compatibility thing, based on the strange dmesg output I searched. Not sure if re enumeration due to Caterina bootloader is the cause, or if the keyboard boot hid descriptor is the confusion (since I guess it's a bit unorthodox by design), or what...

There are more weird USB compatibility issues out there than I had realized.

@rpavlik ok, _this_ is a hardware project i actually have reason to pursue.

@rpavlik are you using pro-micro with the tmk firmware? I built one board with a teensy 3.2 and want to cut down on the microcontroller expense for a second board.

@rpavlik hah... I randomly starting talking my grandmother about the clackety keyboards and she happen to have a Model-M at her accounting firms office... best 50 cents I've ever spent!

@rpavlik Is M2 a lighter version of Model M? Is it heavy enough to sit well?

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