A last few reminders: please don't vote for fascists. Also, if you're in the line when polls close, you are entitled to cast your ballot! Don't let anyone take your vote away.

@sarahjeong seems like everyone has - or at least I'm following the wrong people.

The web GUI issues where it said my timeline was empty probably didn't help.

Considering upgrading my mousing surface...

from oven liner on marble tile, to BBQ grill mat on tile. 😀 mastodon.social/media/syDc6qOQ

Hey! The hispanohablantes are on Mastodon, and unlike previous language groups, I can actually read and understand the toots!

Les doy la bienvenida, aunque yo todavía soy "n00b". (O, si es preferible, os doy la bienvenida, con vosotros como buen Castellano)

So, (did the first step of) converting an old bathroom exhaust fan into a soldering station fume extractor. Added a cable, put it on a base, and put a big beefy switch on the side.


And, now that I have at least the wiring done, part of me thinks I should have used a 2-gang box and stuck a receptacle on the switch too. Plug in the soldering iron, and I'd have to turn on the exhaust to turn on the iron. Hmm... Thoughts, elephantverse?

Late late follow-up: looks like it was some kind of USB 3 compatibility thing, based on the strange dmesg output I searched. Not sure if re enumeration due to Caterina bootloader is the cause, or if the keyboard boot hid descriptor is the confusion (since I guess it's a bit unorthodox by design), or what...

There are more weird USB compatibility issues out there than I had realized.

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@andyAstruc cuidado - half the time (or more) that actually ends up meaning "balls" and you need a euphemism for eggs, "blanquillos" (little white things)

Stroopwafels are amazing.

If you've never been adjacent to them, but have been adjacent to psych nerds: these are not waffles that are labeled "pancakes".

@tophat Perhaps, but this wasn't "seeing myself", but a (gentle) callout. Even if it wasn't more than the others, I wasn't checking my "white male can talk at any time" privilege as much as I work to (and as close as checking my own privilege is to my sense of self) - so it was a reality check. (I'd like to not interrupt, but even if I do, I'd like to perform affirmative action in interrupting.)

And, yes, I did use it plugged into an Android phone using a USB-OTG adapter. What was I supposed to do? 😛

Actually, it didn't work on my Chromebook annoyingly. Stuck LEDs like I still had dried caps on the controller (characteristic failure of M2). Dunno if it's an OS issue - dmesg looks fine tho - or a power issue - but is my phone really driving more voltage out USB than a chromebook?

One thing I didn't bring: voltmeter. Ah well. Good try.

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@holocronweaver@witches.town This is somewhat possible, I'm relatively new (and lightweight politically) to the context this took place in, so in the larger env. I sometimes conciously have to nudge in.

I don't know about this instance, since I don't remember interrupting anyone, so I can't be sure, but I was called out as being part of the "bro group", so I was quite disappointed in myself.

@tophat tbh I think this is why I did it, I sometimes am an interrupter (something I'm working on). In this particular case there was one woman at a table of mostly men (and I was consciously trying to talk toward everyone equally). I was just called out on it by the individual involved. I don't even remember interrupting anyone, but such are these weaknesses.

In this case in the larger context I find it hard to get my voice in, which probably doesn't help either.

Ugh. I just interrupted a woman in tech 3 times without being conscious of it. I am disappoint. *hangs head in shame*

Telecommuting for a small company apparently doesn't give me enough practice in defeating implicit bias and tech-bro-tendencies.

Not asking for public forgiveness, I just need to own my sins publicly.

@Chay now ponder this: the trailer in question folds in half. How awesome of an electrical connection do you think the hinge makes?

enterprise.enterprise, an instance where we role-play as our forbesonas. uses a custom codebase written in a variant of COBOL that runs on the JVM on an Oracle server.

Why, yes, I am flying with an IBM Model M2 keyboard and a handbuilt PS2-USB converter for it in my carryon. Doesn't everyone? 😉

mastodon.social/media/LSs9PtF7 mastodon.social/media/ZqnjJCUj

(credit where credit due: converter running TMK firmware, with keymap modified to turn Caps Lock into "Windows" key. I just modified the keymap, compiled it, and soldered the thing together.)

ok, well, it didn't fully work on the first try (silly insulation displacement splices weren't displacing anything), and sadly the jacks on my bench power supply cracked off incidental to testing, but got it working!

Bench supplies (or really, anything besides an actual tow vehicle) are definitely the way to test/troubleshoot trailer wiring.

Now I just need to repair my power supply...😢

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@scanlime nice space mouse! I hooked up and used a really old one in grad school for VR stuff, and I was going to say I miss it, but I haven't honestly been in enough content where it would help recently. I suppose that's what I get for taking a gig designing the platform below it all: don't come up for air often.

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