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Found myself wanting to build structs in Elisp, so I started using plists with manually written accessors, but running across Chris Wellons' discussion made me realize there's a much better way: cl-defstruct! nullprogram.com/blog/2018/02/1

has so much cool software that gets so little exposure. Ran across `source-highlight` today, which does what it says on the tin: takes source code and generates a highlighted version in any of bunch of formats. By defaults it generates an HTML file, but it also supports the the `esc` output format, which encodes using escape sequences suitable for viewing on command line, even with Emacs' shell. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Found a date handling bug in my RSS aggregator software because Google dated a post on their blog a year in the future (28 June 2019 instead of 28 June 2018). blog.google/products/pixel/fou

just announced a coop VR heist game "Covert" from White Elk Studios, which I had never heard of, but was apparently founded by folks from the God of War team! When I went to look up their other work, I found "Eclipse: Edge of Light", but it's apparently not available on Gear VR or Go, only Daydream. Is it too much to ask for a port? ๐Ÿ˜œ oculus.com/blog/announcing-cov

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The incomparable Andy Steward wrote a new #Emacs extension allowing us to run any #Qt program in Emacs to extend Emacs!? Iโ€™m just staring at the screenshots.

Although I can run from within Termux on my Chromebook, I tend to use Caret for better responsiveness. The problem is getting Caret to work with Emacs bindings, but after some tinkering, I discovered C-, which opens settings for the embedded Ace component, and that allows me to select Emacs as my key binding scheme. It doesn't play nicely with Caret's shortcuts, and it doesn't persist across restart, but it's a start!

I want to love the fediverse, but I'm still looking for the place where open-source techies hang out. As always, the hard part with federated systems is discovery, though fediverse.network/ does help quite a bit.

After playing on for the past 12+ months, I've been using for the past three weeks, and it is refreshing and awesome. E McNeil's stuff (Darknet, Tactera) is especially good, as is Augmented Empire. My new favorite gaming system!

It's one thing to take over half your own website to pester me to sign up for your email newsletter, but it's a whole different level when the largest element on the page is a recaptcha box for the sign up. What leet hack do they imagine that captcha is thwarting?

I know it's almost 2018 and space is cheap, but the 1.5GB download for the full and texlive install still freaks me out. I just wanted to export an org-mode file to a PDF!

Seriously considering Purism for my next laptop. Their work to hamstring IME by default definitely caught my eye, and now this.

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"CHIM" is what you type to find a top level menu item in info. 'C-h i m'

Also it's late in the day.

Also I'm writing some docs.

#emacs #elderscrolls

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Been using Firefox Nightly for a while, but nice to see it finally make it to production so I can stop living on the edge

Was about to rewrite my .emacs with (use-package) and got distracted by the (very beautiful) doom-themes: github.com/hlissner/emacs-doom

Got around to installing Gallium OS on my aging C720. Some networking flakiness, but otherwise just right. Runs minetest like a charm!

Always cover your hand when entering your PIN at the ATM! 'Dumping Data from Deep-Insert Skimmers': krebsonsecurity.com/2017/08/du

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I like #systemd, but the developers should intensify their dediction to security and error handling in future. #Linux

Just learned about LSP. Very well-backed effort to separate the concerns of editing text from language-specific IDE functionality, like code completion, jump to definition, find references, etc. langserver.org/