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R. P. Dillon @rpdillon@mastodon.social

I want to love the fediverse, but I'm still looking for the place where open-source techies hang out. As always, the hard part with federated systems is discovery, though fediverse.network/ does help quite a bit.

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@rpdillon There's a small (topically skewed) collection over on bsd.network/about, and there's another instance that usually comes up in that regard, though I can't currently remember which one that was.

Other than that, try to find someone who posts about your topics, and then pick through their followers and followees for active people... Admittedly takes some work.

@galaxis Ah, bsd.network is exactly the kind of place I was looking for...thanks! I don't mind the work. =)

@rpdillon @galaxis I've setup an account @bsd.network not to bore the mainstream but even the flagship instance has a lot of tech talk

@rpdillon Fosstodon.org and LinuxRocks.Online are two friendly places. :linus:

@rpdillon Hi, I am github.com/x28de on Github. Not sure if that is what you need but it is worth a try.