Exactly 7 years ago today, I released v0.0.1 of RPG in a Box. It now stands at a critical fork in the road, and everyone's help is vitally important in allowing me to continue its development. (1/13)

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I believe that every single person has the desire to create within them, and that everyone has a story or idea that they can express through RPG in a Box. (2/13)

RPG in a Box is far from perfect, and it's not meant for creating AAA games with impressive graphics and complex mechanics (but maybe one day will be). It's meant to be a fun, accessible tool that anyone can use, regardless of age or skill level. (3/13)

Maybe you just have an idea you want to play around with, or want to take the first step in game dev before moving onto something more complex. Or maybe you've had a story in your head you'd like to realize visually. (4/13)

The main purpose I want it to serve is opening up a door that was closed for someone, whether a beginner who's never created a game, an artist who wants to bring their art to life, or an experienced developer looking for a simple tool to play around with on the side. (5/13)

However my reach can only go so far on its own, and most of my attempts have gone unanswered. I need everyone who reads this to take a chance on it. I've never been more confident in its potential, and the consistently positive feedback only continues to solidify this. (6/13)

I want as many people as possible to have a chance to express themselves imaginatively and creatively through RPG in a Box, and to create meaningful games and experiences when they otherwise might not be able to. (7/13)

I am humbly asking for everyone's help in letting the world know about RPG in a Box. If something is holding you back from sharing about it and/or you'd like to know more about it, please let me know. (8/13)

If you know someone in the news/gaming industry who'd be willing to take a moment and look into what RPG in a Box is, someone in education who could use it for a class, or a content creator/online community you engage with - please reach out and let them know about it! (9/13)

Please consider telling those around you about RPG in a Box. I believe it can serve so many purposes outside of just making games and that there's something in it for everyone. I want everyone to have fun creating something that's their own. (10/13)

As I've stated before, RPG in a Box is an extension of who I am, and I plan to do whatever it takes to ensure that it continues to grow. It won't take much to keep it going, but I can't do it on my own. (11/13)

I know there are millions out there who'd love to discover a tool like RPG in a Box and are just waiting to be reached so they can begin creating, whether that's to bring forth a personal story that remains private, or to build a fleshed out world to share w/ many others. (12/13)

Thank you for your faith in my project and for seeing its potential to open up game-making and storytelling in a fun and unique way. I truly appreciate everyone's help in doing whatever you can to bring RPG in a Box to the world. (13/13) 💖 Justin

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