It took me long enough, but I figured it out, that @technomancy 's "jack-in" reference in what is now called Cider is actually a degree of indirection from cyberpunk primary sources. It is more directly in reference to Hypercard's 1980s cyberpunk splash screen.

@rplevy @enkiv2 I read something that posited that in the future people would think of websites as "a place you could go where there were no people"

Nice try getting the top alphabetical ranking, ZZ-Top, I'm calling my band ZZZ-Higher

“A developed country is not when the poor have potable water. It is when the rich have Cholera.”

~ Global south socialist demagogues probably

Love to foster international exchange between the walled-off historian academic circles of 1920s Kyoto and the Waldorf Astoria alcoholic circles of gilded age New York

Dumb-ass consumers: I would like a fresh grape or an extremely shriveled grape (raisin) but not a slightly shriveled grape.

Sure would be nice to replace the SF Civic Center with a Civet Center, but alas the small, lithe-bodied, mostly nocturnal mammal is native only to tropical Asia and Africa.

Not sure if a couple walking out of Safeway was joking about a "free dog" (there was a dog waiting patiently out front) or saying the Norwegian (Swedish?) word for Friday.

If Hillary won, Lena Dunham would have held a boring cabinet position in the whitehouse instead of the star performing role of Valerie Solanas in "American Horror Story".

[the cats all find spots in the sun to fall over in, all at once, in a single falling-over maneuver]

I'm more in tune with the artificial cycles of the municipal transportation agency than a forest dweller will likely ever be.

The scientific name for "pig" is "sus scrofa", which is short for "suspect scrotum fascist"

Any time I send money to a bitcoin address for donations, I stop to consider the likelihood that the website has not recently been updated and the bitcoin address is no longer accessible to its owner. If the address has recently had funds move from it, that's a good sign of life.

Functional programmers: singing the praises of Oleg

Me: singing the praises of Oelek

Remember when Hillary Clinton took a break from the presidential election she was in the middle of losing to pitch a pretty good augmented reality app idea?

I apologize for using Mastodon as a dumping ground for lower quality content than what I post on Twitter, but I intend to keep doing it.

I consider this a valid use of the concept of apologizing.

The new Cat Power album is good. I'll admit that I got bored of the idea of listening to Cat Power for quite a while. I never stopped listening to Patti Smith. Musically (versus how one might recall the biographies and cultural associations of the artists) there's not a good argument to be bored of Cat Power and not Patti Smith.

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