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I am going on record to predict that "smart hearing aid" technology (which is a thing that already exists) will become more and more a component of augmented reality approaches to amplified situation awareness at the level of content-bearing events.

Top hits for 2018 so far:

Bartier Cardi
Cardi B Good (chuck berry cover)
Cardi Gras
Cardi Car Car
Cardi ACK Arrest
Cardioid [feat. Mandelbrot & Skyy]
Cardioid Box (w/ kurdt kobain hologram show)

I had this same idea and posted it on mastodon last year, mostly jokingly, but also I could see it being useful

Here's an assertion for advocates of non-embodied, deep representationalism to try to falsify:

Dogs don't "budget time" in the sense of attending to time-construing models, but they do exercise skillful ecologically situated judgements sensitive to timing constraints.

Call me anarcho-centrist if you must but as a Tuckerian individualist I find *significantly* more common ground of sense-making in Mises than in Marx.

I think Vygotskyan anarchy needs less explaining or defending its value, as anyone who appreciates open source & decentralized technologies of stigmergy and cooperation will agrew.

Machiavellian anarchy doesn't support initiating harm to one's neighbor (that would be statism) it contends with a hostile world in which upholding (byzantine) mutual respect for boundaries can permit autonomy for individuals which (by way of markets for example) enriches society

The phrasing of "machiavellian anarchy" might seem crafted to capture the criticism of it devolving into power and domination, but I would argue the other side is equally at risk, but of calcifying into overbearing norms and expectations.

Related thought: a compass applying Tomasello's "vygotskyan intelligence" vs machiavellian intelligence hypothesis.

Vygotskyan statism | Machiavellian statism
Vygotskyan anarchy | Machiavellian anarchy

Lakoffian (lakovian?) political compass:

Matriarchy | Patriarchy
Nurturant Anarchy | Defensive Anarchy

I got a push notification from Yelp app on my phone, that at first glance getting out of bed I thought read "Burial Place for You!" but I read it again and it said "Brunch".

In the year 2017 a young beltway pundit paid pilgrimage to a wise master on a hill off of rt 95 in Maryland. He implored "Is the pee tape real?" To this, she responded, "when the time comes that you know the true pee tape nature, it will no longer matter if the pee tape is real."

"What if Uber drivers set up their own platform, or if a city’s residents controlled their own version of Airbnb?"

Think some of you Mastodonners might be interested in this book (I've purchased but hasn't arrived yet). Firstly, it's nice to see a positive book about the future of tech. Secondly, seems like decentralisation/cooperation is a big theme.

The Church of the Basic

"And Kim Kardashian said: take this, this avocado toast is my body; the pumpkin spice latte is my blood"

Bookchin was an anarchist environmentalist who advocated for societal decentralization by means of horizontal federation.

Blockchain is a uniquely robust anarchist protocol in the ecosystem of societal decentralization solutions.

Bookchin technology is the broader category.

issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the post-punk art-rock group Scritti Politti. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them" for transitioning to saccharine synth pop and later to sounding like Backstreet Boys.

Later medieval golem theory drew heavily from a literature on Shroud of Turin computable functions.

Honestly I can't fucking believe an article with the headline "Why tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017" written by the Verge didn't mention Mastodon. Like, what. What?