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Robert Levy ✅ ★★★★☆

I just walked past a storm drain and heard this:

Nearly shat myself. Anyone have any idea what it is?

Net neutrality is a statist solution. Mesh nets are an anarchist solution. As long as the state provides a solution there's no impetus for free society to put effort into a better one.

I know the Trump admin is all about kayfabe, but hiring Larry David to script the Lavar Ball subplot is farther than I thought they'd take this.

I wrote a brief tutorial on selling off the free altcoins from the recent forks of bitcoin. There are already some good articles but I wrote this because I noticed there was some confusion and misinformation going around, and it's actually very easy to do.

training a neural network to predict phonetic similarity vectors for words based solely on their orthography (i.e., not in cmudict). the neural network is only at about 20% accuracy but the results are already promising! showing the most similar word in cmudict here just as a sanity check... (context:

putting this neural network through its paces by trying to predict which (actual) words sound most similar to strings of random characters

more text super-resolution experiments with neural networks, this time using bigrams instead of words as the underlying unit. (this is after interrupting the training like 5% into the first epoch just to see what it looks like)

I'm a benioff mountain lion truther.

I don't believe the official story. Benioff got sloppy and accidentally let those mountains roam free during an expensive party at his Pac Heights estate during Dreamforce.

I mean what are the odds that the main two sources of SF mountain lion footage happen to be from the security camera of a mega billionaire.

Mountain lions aren't paparazzi, they have no preference for spying on tech CEOs.

Ad hominem is "the fifth beastie boy"

Verification status: true

"Schrodinger's Wife"

This is not a physics joke, it is a normal utterance that refers rather mundanely to Annemarie (Anny) Bertel.

Movie idea: a silicon valley VC who made it rich in the first dot com period travels back to the 90s to convince himself to spend his wealth vitalizing small town indie rock scenes where creativity runs in surplus but there's no money or business knowhow, to prevent post-grunge rockers Bush from emerging and starting the Iraq War, ultimately ending civilization.

Someone interrupts: you realize the band Bush didn't start Iraq War right?

Me: crumples up piece of paper. Back to the drawing board.

Apparently the song was "I ain't no hollaback girl" but what I heard was "I ain't no hollow vector"

I was like you go, way to stand up to the new breed of human-body-hijacking nanoviruses that have begun circulating.

Me: I have potatos, tomatoes, AND beans.

Shirley Caesar: hold my mule.

Progressives: we can be patriotic without being nationalists.

Leftists: do you mind defining patriotic?

Progressives: basically nationalist.

> I hope this finds you well

Just FYI it found me IN a well, which I am not happy about, and to be perfectly honest it's partly your fault.

"iZip eBikes"?? Ha! 1998 just called and they want their glib low-effort futurism humor back!

Also me (muttering now): the reason they called me first and had me tell you, is that they were more concerned with getting the "[year] called" quip format back.

Oh, hey, here's some good news - there's a new law in CA that:

1. employers cannot ask prospective employees their prior salary information
2. employers must, upon asking, provide a salary range for the job in question

This is very good for employees, as they now have better information to work with.