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"Another one bites the dust" sounds like more of a Michael Jackson song than a Queen song to me. When I play the song in my imagination I can only hear Michael Jackson and not Freddy Mercury.

RMS's posts like this are vaguely cringey. Like your older single uncle telling you about his sex life or something.

I'd prefer transparent AI-controlled businesses (AI-DAOs) over corporate controlled AI

The SANSOME is an ambitious multi-year project of naming all absences and withoutnesses.

It would suck to be the guy from "Mumford and Sons". At this point you can't just up and stop singing in that dumb voice, you're in for life.

I know better than to toss a bag of dogshit into the rolled-down window of a parked cop car with cops standing around on the other side of it. I just wouldn't do that.

Brushing your toungue with an electric toothbrush is like vacuuming a carpet in your mouth.

If you travel to the New Zealand and border agents want to search your devices and you refuse to give them access (by typing your password/PIN or using your fingerprint), they can charge you a $5,000 fine now

(This is a corrected toot. Previously I said US, but really it's NZ.)

Jerry Seinfeld's maternal grandparents were Syrian jews from Aleppo.

No one understood Gary Johnson's "What's the deal with Aleppo" joke in 2016. Obvious Seinfeld reference but a little too obscure for all but most loyal of fans.

Gary Johnson, WhatsAleppo cofounder, says he regrets selling his company to Facebook

Gary Johnson: What's aleppo?

Military strategy expert moron fool: Aleppo bofa deez nutzz!

(Famous Glenngarry Ross movie scene.)

"A. B. C. That stands for




"I'm just a poor boy, no body loves me"

"Hes just a poor boy from a poor family."

PROSECUTION: Objection your honor, this is irrelevant.

"Spare him his life from this monstro-"


JUDGE (gavelling): Order!

[they tumble and bumble, some nyoom, some loaf, some bap each other, some have found the food, at least five have escaped, oh noes it is booping my nose]

The beta version of #mmmmm, #scuttlebutt for Android, has been released under the new name of #Manyverse, at Going to try it now...I haven't used mmmmm, so I don't know what to expect yet. Wondering whether I will be able to port my identity from desktop.

woahhh #mmmmmm finally came out as #ManyVerse which is pretty awesome. I've been running the beta for a while, so itll be cool to see the changes. wonder if i should set up a real name account in the acuttleverse

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