Discovered duck salami today and it’s incredible

thinking about starting a beef with the unicode consortium

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What does OLED black smearing look like? In this example, the dark grey square seems to be lagging behind the light grey square, but they’re locked together. (Needs to be viewed on an OLED screen.)

interested in projecting the what's up meme loving dog on the opera house. huge economic potential for the state if they agree

Interesting write up of how AWDL - the technology behind AirDrop, AirPlay and Apple Watch unlock - works

why don’t you pop on down to epping by bus mr chapo

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the station link ad campaign except instead of lee lin chin it’s sebastian gorka

Great look back at how infrastructure in Australia was funded before public projects became captive to private capital

Still yet to see any evidence AR in mobile apps isn't a bullshit waste of time

Fun as it is to dunk on the Libs, I’m not sure BCR is the best basis to evaluate a CBD light rail project. Who’s putting the price on making the city a pleasant place

Deeply upset that I am getting crash reports from 11 users who are still running iOS 12 beta 2 and 3 because I'm using an API method introduced in beta 5 :O

Tony Martin's Andrew Bolt impression is one of the funniest things I've heard all year

iPhones may have increased in price but tubs of corn kernels from the little grocery have never been more affordable. These are the only 2 things in the CPI

by 2020 all australian aquariums will primarily feature o-bikes

me hearing the new watch is 64 bit: wow that rules
me after trying to submit a binary to the app store with multi architecture support: i hate the watch

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