Still yet to see any evidence AR in mobile apps isn't a bullshit waste of time

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@liamvhogan i've never tried it but i thought of it while writing this. it was doing that stuff before AR was a buzzword. it may be the one legitimate application (if amateur astronomy is your thing)

@rpy it really isn’t but the few times I’ve had cause to use it (questions starting with ‘what the fuck is’) it’s answered all the questions I had

@rpy I can see maybe an application in museums and heritage places, as adjunct to existing commentary/tapes. Maybe

@liamvhogan sounds like the background NFC tag function in the new spenno iphone is trying to address that undelivered promise of "walk up to museum thing and find out more" that bluetooth didn't deliver on

@rpy of course the same technology works with a portable CD player so

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