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NSW Labor talking about subsidising train fares to the Airport - it's a private business, should the state really be subsidising using it? I mean Sydney Airport should be publicly owned but... it's not

huh did you know those tetrapaks of milk can leak from the base and fill the fridge door with milk? because i did not. i was not previously aware

i have real concerns about the savings woolworths. i don't know these savings are good at all

here’s my idea for a podcast app: it should work like netflix and start counting down what it’s going to automatically play next. and if you’ve listened to all your subscriptions it should analyse your listening habits and suggest something you’ll enjoy

Only one week now until millions of people go bonkers over the relocation of the photo button in iMessage *exciting*

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there is no way veep doesn’t end in jonah becoming president hey

made it 77 words into the reddit comments about the wagga by-election before they mentioned the NBN

[bond villain voice] hah hah i’m afraid you’re too late mr reucassel, the coffee cup with a thin plastic lining and pizza box encrusted with cheese are already on their way to the recycling as we speak

feels overdue for a big hailstorm that fucks up a few billion dollars worth of cars

Small problem: they used the code B for the new fleet, which was defined in their systems as "bus". And then they brought the trains into service with <24 hrs notice. So in production it now says this. Oops

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Tried the new train. Still had that new train smell.

"Ozbargain's favourite toilet seat is back and the price is at it's lowest ever."

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just realised i actually have no idea what the premise of the tv series survivor is

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