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twitter DSP nerd communal bugfix help time: in dreams I have a rare, content-specific bug where a biquad filter in an EQ explodes. I'm enforcing my coeffs are nicely stable, eg see dsp.stackexchange.com/question - but still it explodes. its bandaid time! should I:

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Pleased to announce exBERT, an interactive tool to explore the embeddings and attention of Transformer models at different layers, with different heads.

Demo: exbert.net
Paper: arxiv.org/abs/1910.05276

With @sebgehr@twitter.com @hen_str@twitter.com @MITIBMLab@twitter.com

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Well. It looked fine but I didnโ€™t manage to solder the pads underneath, it seems. Got sporadic connections. Guess Iโ€™ll be practicing my 40AWG wire soldering skills...

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my teens

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๐Ÿ’‡ Person Getting Haircut + ๐Ÿ˜  Angry Face

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sudo ๐Ÿค Skype for Business
This incident will be reported

Amazing that it's possible to touch a computer in a way so wrong, you're connected to someone to explain with speech and gesturing why you'd have done such a thing.

shift-enter: definitely don't send
enter: maybe send
ctrl-enter: definitely send
ctrl-enter, when you're Skype for Business: INITIATE VIDEO CALL

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it's held together with safety pins, the brim is all floppy, and I accidentally put seam margins in both halves, but! I'm wearing a witch hat! that I made myself from felt and caffeine!

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made an appointment at the embassy for a new passport but it seems I won't have the required documents bleh

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tracker chiptune music waveforms tend to have a loop period of 64 samples, or some other power of two...

but really if you want an "ideal", say, 3rd harmonic in your waveform, the loop period should be a multiple of 3, huh

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How to read one byte in Go
length := 1
capacity := 1
var buf []byte = make([]byte, length, capacity)
_, _ = os.Stdin.Read(buf)

so what I was thinking of here was:
./program1 | ./run_on_fpga foo | ./run_on_fpga bar | ./program2

where the run_on_fpga wrapper detects it's piping into another instance of itself and eliminates the CPU round-trip

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@interruptinuse@twitter.com mystery solved! the double one is /dev/pts/...

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