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cheap bay area entertainment

1) make a nextdoor account

2) post something along the lines of "It would be nice if people parked their cars in their garages. It's hard to see between the cars when you want to cross the street, and I think we could better use the space."

3) wait

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Nice paper at by @TaylorWWebb@twitter.com & Jon Cohen
"Emergent Symbols through Binding in External Memory"
In spite of caveats the reviewers mention, a pro of this work is achieving almost symbolic generalization without explicit use of symbolic processes.

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🖥Live at "Complex Query Answering with Neural Link Predictors" by @_kire_kara_@twitter.com @danieldazac@twitter.com @michaelcochez@twitter.com @PMinervini@twitter.com


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problem: can only work under pressure
solution: skin-tight compression clothes

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whenever I taught Papers Please in college classes, discussion was always like --
US students: "this is obviously about russia"
international students: "this is obviously about america" twitter.com/Foone/status/13901

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A reminder that if you ever see a news article or tweet saying [NEWS ITEM] happened and [COMPANY]'s stock plunged!!! you should bring up the stock listing and hit "6 months" or "1 year" and see whether the dip is remotely distinguishable from week-to-week natural variance

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@whitequark@twitter.com in my experience, they’re *extremely* disturbing; you’re trying to write your practical, down to earth USB thing, and suddenly you find this huge exploit and have to quickly unfind it before anyone finds out and starts disclosure discourse

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The second project "Path Replay Backpropagation: Differentiating Light Paths using Constant Memory and Linear Time" (with @DelioVicini@twitter.com and @seb_spe@twitter.com) fixes a fundamental scalability bottleneck shared by all physically based differentiable rendering done so far. (1/6)

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A Form: Please list all locations you have lived for the last 10 years

Me: Now how the fuck am I supposed to know that

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Motivation can come from unexpected places:

- my interest in theorem provers: IDA Pro's decompiler made a mistake once and wasted my time and I wanted this to never ever happen again

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"Daniel’s insight, perspective and extensive knowledge of Wayland and Weston were critical in helping us properly understand our choices and ensuring WSLg started on a solid foundation." Kudos Daniel! devblogs.microsoft.com/command

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@Atrix256@twitter.com @more_fps@twitter.com basically an analog computer that decides when the car shifts gears - really wild piece of machining, these have been around since the 50s

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@gedaliap@twitter.com @jbaker_graphics@twitter.com @Atrix256@twitter.com @more_fps@twitter.com 5.4x10^-6 nm process

(nautical miles)

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