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girls love it when you Wobbly Windows And Rotating Cube Effect

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WFC running at interactive speed on that funky grid. Next up is to make it deterministic

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When you go through the TSA you NEVRR fess up to being trans when they pull you aside.

You gotta be like "I've never seen that before in my life, officer, that could be anybody's dick"

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But I have to commend this game for including iconic parts of British culture like *checks notes* people yelling at you from behind closed doors and custom of perusing a life sized doll.

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I want to erase the phrase β€œSchrΓΆdinger's cat” from everyone's vocabulary

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I enjoyed and relied on Chromium's feature to store download and referrer URL in file metadata. They removed it from Linux builds because they couldn't be bothered to fix their Chrome OS crypto (it leaves metadata in plain text)
Good news, I backported it: github.com/rrika/chromium-refe

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@rrika9@twitter.com @UINT_MIN@twitter.com data UnNat : Type where
Lol : (x : Float) -> {auto prf: x = -0.0} -> UnNat
UnSucc : UnNat -> UnNat

-- -2 ~ UnSucc (UnSucc (Lol -0.0))

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New album: TGR Fuel
Out now on bandcamp. Coming soon to other platforms.

Cover by pushBAK and track artwork by solid.karbon

Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening <3

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On my way to ICFP πŸš„πŸš†πŸš†

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Random question: Can anyone send me a .prt file as it falls out of the Source Engine map compilation processes?

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