I disabled the Twitter cross-poster. @rrika9 on twitter is just an empty shell at this point.

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its telling that infosec calls it the “evil maid” attack instead of the much more realistic “jealous boyfriend” attack

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I wrote an article about natively building SDF fractal noise (say for procedural terrains) by iteratively blending spheres as opposed to traditional noise displacement; because we need more "SDF-Native" techniques.

Article iquilezles.org/www/articles/fb

Shader shadertoy.com/view/3dGSWR

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We REALLY don’t like thinking that hard. People could either memorize a sequence of numbers or be painfully burned🔥. As the task got harder, people increasingly chose burning!

“People generally describe cognitive effort as an aversive experience to be avoided whenever possible"

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SAT-21 (iiia.csic.es/sat2021/program/) is here and I am very excited about our work on GPU-based Parallel SAT solving (Joint work with Nicolas Prevot and @SoosMate@twitter.com). Often approaches to use the power of GPUs try to do the entire CDCL on GPU; we take the road less traveled.... 1/3

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sorry, i do rational thought for a living, so my weekends are for bad decisions and magical thinking

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ReSTIR applied for GI. Cool idea of spatiotemporal PDF prefiltering instead of just prefiltering final pixel colors, where possible improvements are limited. research.nvidia.com/publicatio

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