I enjoyed and relied on Chromium's feature to store download and referrer URL in file metadata. They removed it from Linux builds because they couldn't be bothered to fix their Chrome OS crypto (it leaves metadata in plain text)
Good news, I backported it:

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If you put "YourFavoriteBrowser `getfattr --absolute-names --only-values -n user.xdg.referrer.url %f`" in your file manager's context menu you get a neat workflow like:

@rrika sorry I dont understand ^^
Where should the line be inserted?

@qsl0 I use thunar, so there it would be in one of the menus as "Configure custom actions" it depends on your setup

@rrika do you have some plugins for thunar
just downloaded and tried to find the option, but cant find :D

@rrika Ok thunar is pretty cool,
I used nautilus and dolphin but thunar is like a good mix of both lol.
Will use it now :D

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