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@chordbug@twitter.com yeah no i'm gonna just have to do this

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How do you chop up a shape into nice little cubes? In a new paper we study this problem using a beautiful tool from differential geometry called "Cartan's moving frames," showing how it can be applied to symmetric 3D cross fields (with Etienne Corman): cs.cmu.edu/~kmcrane/Projects/S

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this is the funniest bug i'll ever have in a game I've made

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Semantic Program Alignment for Equivalence Checking
Paper: berkeleychurchill.com/research
Source code: github.com/bchurchill/pldi19-e
Programming Language Design and Implementation (@PLDI@twitter.com) 2019
Berkeley Churchill, Oded Padon, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken

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cashing in on that trend of those 'satisfying' animations you see everywhere

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remember when I was pondering an SMT based C parser that could find errors across preprocessor flags? well, I started prototyping…


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grattoir Γ  chat avec dΓ©tection de grattage qui diffuse des sons de harpe lorsque le chat en joue

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My first full creation in . I was actually able to do this as my 3D Design class final. I'm very happy with it.

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