Meanwhile, here in Sweden!
The nation has accepted a great burden of responsibility. Selflessly electing to act as the control group during this global study of viable pandemic responses.

Silver birch paper —
the qualities of deathlessness

Not haiku
not poetry
Time itself —
the sun in daytime
the stars at night
the dust of the world!

[This Whole Sky | Case 05]

Buried in the tall grass
the entire Earth
beneath this Whole Sky

What will be my legacy?
The well travelled way

[This Whole Sky | Case 04 |
Death Poem]

Nothing can replace the messy, mechanical ritual of the analogue process, but this method offers a quick and clean alternative.

It's.. strangely liberating.. to be immediately offered up a few thousand permutations of text interference in the terminal.

So I've been experimenting with using "shuf —repeat —head-count=10000" for processing digital cut-ups, having first transcribed my typewriter pages into plain text.

What is this pilgrimage?

A narrow road
of inquiring
what is zen?
what is dried shit?

Narrow road north
far beyond the mountains
temple walls crumble
to d u s t

[This Whole Sky | Case 03]

In the South the Winter has been unnaturally warm, and lately, unsociably wet. I miss the drifts of snow.

Two long weeks
of storms
Rain keeps us awake
When quiet, observe results
of a warm Winter
Bulbs sprout
Grasses grow dense

An arrangement of objects.
A Spell of Stone and Bone.
A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness


This long February
exhausted at last
Stretch my bony legs
Slip into the forest

Clear spirit
expounds the teaching
Muscles, Marrow, Bone

Cranes fly in early
over Stones, Sticks, Moss, Rocks

Are you going
to the mountains today?


What a pain
in this decadent age
of imitation!

Only the tone-deaf
sit and listen
to incessant koans.

Shelter from the rain,

chew up some sermons
beneath a cliff!

[This Whole Sky | Case 02]

in the teaching

Bringing up
the weeds
of the source

Ten – feet – deep

Burying the hall

Those who are free
will answer how,
Those who aren't
will see
a familiar place.

[This Whole Sky | Case 01]

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