New from me today: The value of the big deal has declined. Will libraries drive down its price -- or help publishers prop up its value?

This instance architecture is still bugging me.
It seems like users have to pick one as their home, their main base, their primary lens through which they experience Mastodon.
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Last week, the Digital Public Library of America laid off six members of its small team and announced what appears to be a strategic pivot. oday, I examine lessons for innovation in scholarly communications, including whether & how to establish new start-ups to drive collaboration. Organizations matter.

And recommendations on Evolving Mission: Collections and Visitors:
🖼️ Empower Education
🖼️ When Diversifying Collections, Commit to Curatorial Rigor & Transparency
🖼️ Cultivate Collaboration

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Recommendations on Connecting with Communities:
🖼️ Evaluate Your Audience
🖼️ Create Pathways to Culture & Employment for New Communities
🖼️ Consider Architecture & Design
🖼️ Engage Controversies
🖼️ Reach New Communities through Partnerships

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Recommendations on Museum Leadership & Organizational Structure:
🖼️ Broaden Job Qualifications with a Spirit of Inclusion
🖼️ Develop Strong Mentoring Programs
🖼️ Pay All Interns
🖼️ Diversify the Board
🖼️ Cultivate Alignment across the Organization
🖼️ Reorganize for Values

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Today, Ithaka S+R and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation are publishing a report on institutional success factors for equity, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement in cultural organizations, based on case studies of eight art museums.

New from me to start September: Is "read and publish" -- new models for scholarly journal publishing -- good for the academy?

I was spotted while running this morning at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study.

Elsevier seeks a "Global Corporate Communications Director in…either Amsterdam or London [to] direct efforts globally to protect & advance the company’s reputation, brand & valuation in line with Elsevier’s management direction & business strategy."

New today: Announcing the 2018 Demographic Survey of Art Museum Employees, to measure change in employee diversity from an earlier baseline, an Ithaka S+R project in partnership with The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Association of Art Museum Directors, and the Alliance of Museums.

@auntiekiki I do not see any tweets from that instance in its "Look Inside" column. Perhaps due to a comparative lack of activity in that instance. But anyway, it doesn't seem to help me with my objective which is to check out that community. @libskrat @stephenfrancoeur

@auntiekiki This is the one I was interested in: -- I don't see a way to view tweets coming out of this instance. Maybe I am missing something. @libskrat @stephenfrancoeur

@auntiekiki I can see why a master list might be problematic, maybe. But is there a way to see all tweets coming out of an instance to which you do not belong? @libskrat @stephenfrancoeur

@libskrat @stephenfrancoeur There definitely can be that opportunity. Here I don't see it well executed. I thought, since code4lib has its own presence/server, maybe I'll see who's there. I cannot figure out a way to discover all the users of a given community without first joining it as a member.

@stephenfrancoeur @libskrat My biggest difficulty so far here is finding accounts that I want to follow and then successfully following them. The federated thing is a bit of a hurdle for both of those processes.

@libskrat What do you think is the likelihood that extinctelephantsite can replace birdsite for your (our?) community?

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