I'm thinking of getting a backup phone and laptop, because I need to send both in for repairs. The laptop needs to have Linux-friendly hardware, and the phone I'm not sure about. Every Android phone I have tried, even expensive ones, feel kind of glitchy and clunky compared to an iPhone.

Also, I'd prefer if neither of them are horribly expensive. Every "best Linux laptop" list I've seen has models that would run me at least $1000 incl. VAT here in Norway.


@thor If you want a brand new linux and privacy oriented laptop, you should check out @Purism. Not the cheapest, but they look good and the company is run by nerds 😏

He said 1000 was too much... and you suggest #Purism. I love purism but this was not a good suggestion πŸ˜‚
@thor @Purism

@ster @thor @Purism I suggested buying a used Thinkpad first, but thougth it was worth mentioning @Purism as an alternative if the budger could be stretched πŸ™‚

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