This might be the one feature I'm looking forward to the most regarding the Librem 5 phone from @Purism!

Nice concept rendering. Let's hope they can pull off what Canonical could not.

Well ut will be difficult as Microsoft, Samsung and Huawei. All tired something similar without many people using it with Microsoft and Samsung coming the closest to a full pc experience from a phone. So would be interesting.

@Glectonzo @Purism I think it's quite different when you phone literally runs the same OS as your laptop.

I bet the Librem 5 could do most, if not all the tasks that my 6 year old X220 can do. That means I won't buy another laptop, but a powerful workstation instead (preferably the new Thelio from System76) and use my phone for all my computing needs when traveling. Time will tell if this actually works, but I'll give it a go 😜

@rsolva @Purism
Motorola did it with their Atrix. Man, I miss that phone. Closest I get nowadays is Sentio's superbook with its Displaylink tech.

@rsolva @Purism I know. Sigh.
It's just so expensive.
Maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but only for me.
I will never be able to afford one. It is over one month's rent and utilities and I make just twice that per month. Not happening :-(

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