I do not think twitter.activitypub.actor is a good idea, nor that the Twitter cross poster is a good idea. Let your Twitter past die. Kill it if you have to.

@Gargron When I first discovered Mastodon, I thought cross posting was a good idea — not anymore. I use both separately nowadays, but mostly Mastodon. My plan is to create a Scandinavian instance where I can invite my Norwegian speaking Twitter power-user friends into.

Does someone have a server at their disposal located somewhere in Scandinavia? :blobcat:

@rsolva @Gargron

I'm always looking for Swedish and Norwegian/Danish speaking folks to follow. I don't want a seconds account, but I'd gladly take some suggestions. :)

@DC7IA @Gargron I would like to write more Norwegian here on Mastodon, but it feels weird as most interactions are with non-Norwegians about topics not related to Norway. On Twitter there is a bunch of discussions about local and national topics going, and I want to see that happen here on Mastodon too. I think this is a requirement for my Norwegian Twitter friends to join Mastodon. A Scandinavian instance is our best option to get some kind of network effect started.


@DC7IA @Gargron With time I hope we will see smaller localized instances pop up focused on specific topics and communities. I would also like to see politicians get their own accounts on government-owned domains. A lot of politicians are quite active and reachable on Twitter today, probably due to Norway's relatively small population.

@rsolva I noticed @forteller I while ago, but other than that I don't really follow a lot of political content. My main interest is amateur radio and languages.

Any recommendations on who I could follow?

Bonus points if you know someone with both these interestes. :D

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