Even when compared to the established names, Yang does surprisingly well, especially during the . I would be surprised if Yang does not rise considerably in the national polls in the months to come.

Andrew Yang does well compared to the other political newcomers judging by searches done on YouTube the lasts 90 days. Pete Buttigieg had his moment around the 20th of may while Yang has garnered the most attention during the two last democratic debates.

Hacker News' reaction to Bitcoin in 2009. 5 points and 3 comments.

«Firefox is being underreported in browser-market-share data, because we are taking steps to protect users. […] Mission over measurements.» – Jen Simmons

I like this. Mozilla is not perfect, but they are by far the best option.

DSB's report does actually somewhat addresses my concern related to the availability of our ekom systems, without mentioning Huawei specifically (page 10):

In addiotion, DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) just released their own threat assessment, where nationwide digital events was one of the scenarios they explored (page 197 in the PDF).


This might be the one feature I'm looking forward to the most regarding the Librem 5 phone from @Purism!

@dansup We are discussing how @pixelfed deals with licensing / copyright, over at the pixls.us forum. Could it be an idea to display licensing information in the same area as the post time/date is placed? discuss.pixls.us/t/see-you-on-

@Purism Hey, I just noticed that you are missing a link to your Mastodon account on the bottom of you homepage!

Sosiolog Willy Pedersen skriver om rusbruk før og etter 60-tallet, om hvordan cannabis ble brukt medisinsk, om klitorisamputasjon(!) og kvaksalveri.




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