Jessica Lange, particularly, is absolutely brilliant in American Horror Story: Coven. It’s a mystery to me why I slept on this so long. Even the concept of having the same actors play different characters is right up my street, like some kind of inverse doctor who.

Every good Clojure function looks like a T-rex, in profile, facing to the left. Every single one. If your function doesn't, it needs refactoring.

Change my mind.

How to review/refactor a function.

Does it look like a T-rex? Yes? Good. No? Make it look more like a T-rex. Well done.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Just so you know, "git -amend" doesn't amend anything.

It gets parsed as: git -a -m 'end'

That is, it commits all modified files with a message that just says "end"

I suffer so you don't have to πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

How good are Shellac tho. I feel like I don't have enough people to enthuse about Shellac with. Where are all the other Shellac fans??

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We'd have a lot fewer hand-wringing thinkpieces about AI if we called it "efficiently searching a possibility space for the weights that minimize an error function over a training set" (which is what it is) instead of "artificial intelligence" or "machine learning".

The danger of AI isn't that it will take over the world, it's that people will put way too much faith in its dumb predictions. #heyfeedfox

If anyone fancies some sort of collaboration I'd be well up for that. I know my limitations but I enjoy making daft stuff 😹.

New dog song... not sure it's finished but not sure what else to do with it. So I think this is it.

It's about Freud, innit.

[ME]: "Dare me to eat this entire gallon of sherbet?"

[MY CATS]: *don't understand but intuitively know to back away from me*

Edging is when I buy four books instead of eight

wtf has happened to mastodon today?

yesterday every toot was all "hi my toots are stored in the balls "

today seems to be "hi i am a cop and proud! looking forward to 'tooting' with you folks he he he" "hi i'm an investment banker - cool eh? can't wait to do lots of toots with you, my new pals!"

a centaur is a kind of special horse with 100 legs

i'm not 100% convinced it's the healthiest thing in the world but i have now found my dream takeaway:

* paneer manjurian
* onion pakoda
* veechu paratha

name a more iconic trio. i'll wait.

1 like = 2 anti-likes and the contingently possible onto-phenomenological question of digital essence: of, "What can be tooted?”

the new meme is "regular horse", the horse with no distinguishing characteristics or habits

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