Time to flaunt my flailing into the void, into Mastodon.

My schtick is this: all my songs are, in some way or another, about dogs.


It's from the birdsite, but this describes my aesthetic 110%:

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Chronological order or reverse chronological order? It's hard.

This is a song about how tired I've been by everything recently. Too much is happening. I'm tired. It's called "Dog Tired": soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/dog-

This is a song about my mum's dog, Molly, learning how to swim for the first time thanks to some... help... from me. She's not got long left, poor doggy. soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/moll

Did you know that there's no evidence for sniffer dogs? It's all bullshit. They're just there to legitimize the racism of the police. This is a song about that. soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/snif

It's pretty suspicious that we just assume that dogs exist tbh. What did we do to deserve them? Nothing, that's what. It's more likely they don't exist than they do. That's what this song is about: soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/we-d

This was me making an attempt to learn how to make "proper" music, but in the end I realised I'd rather just carry on making "trash", thank you very much. Still like it tho. soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/rain

My first and most popular song. In which I reveal my jealousy of small dogs. Why do they seem to enjoy the world so happily and so simply? Why can't i? soundcloud.com/rsslldnphy/smal

@rsslldnphy Solid stuff! this and the MES trib are right in my wheelhouse.

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