Every good Clojure function looks like a T-rex, in profile, facing to the left. Every single one. If your function doesn't, it needs refactoring.

Change my mind.

It's from the birdsite, but this describes my aesthetic 110%:

At tonight's HealthUnlocked art club I did a self-portrait as a chow chow and a picture of an English bulldog. Productive night!

Just played my first game of Pandemic and thoroughly enjoyed it πŸ˜„. I think coop games might be the way for me to get into board games. Any recommendations for other ones I should check out?

Pre-horror film (Kairo) selfie at the Crypt in Camberwell. That's what my sister looks like all the time.

I am very sad to report that all but two of the mysterious copies of Hellraiser III have disappeared from the top of Old Kent Road bus stop.


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