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I don't see <meta content='noindex' name='robots'> inside the json of the public api thats just in the HTML .

But yea just as a test i minifix i put instance wide optout filter aswell for those instances i know of now that don't want in. But I still need to figure out a proper automated process for adding servers to the optout.

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I added the requested feature of filtering out toots for lazymastodon.com ❤️


When i say all i acyually mean i am reading this feed mastodon.social/api/v1/streami from a couple of the big servers hoping i get "all" public and listed posts. But if there are servers which have no connection to the big public instances ill miss it

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Like if your server just broadcasts its toots without the default


It would not appear

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if it upsets a bunch of people i can totally add an optout but does it not make sense to have this implemented on your server. I mean I actually am just reading the public stream mastodon.social/api/v1/streami


So what do you not like about this? I though open data was one of the key differences between twitter and mastodon

@enkiv2 yea i figured many people would disagree with this actually ever becoming "the frontpage of mastodon". But for me this way of presenting the info from the federated stream is much more digestible

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I thought that was for following your profile. But it would be an elegant way of having fine grain user level indexing opt out.

Presenting my weekend project : The Frontpage of Mastodon. A simple website to discover new content on mastodon. lazymastodon.com/ I simply archive all posts in the federiverse and rank them with the hackernews algorithm.

Always enjoy reading these lists en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_l

For example Vitamin D3 is more lethal than Alcohol, Cocaine and Uranium :D

@Gargron I hope this was your primary reason for choosing the name

So how long does it take for a new instance to be accepted by the others into the federation ?

@milvus Did you just get every instance name or every USERNAME :O ?

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