First post here. Mostly to see if I can handle it.

@ruckawriter Welcome, I‘m sure you‘ll be able to handle it. This crossposter might be useful for you:

@TheDreamingGoat thank you. Trying to figure out how to join other instances now....

@ruckawriter You can only start a conversation on other instances with an account there, but you can follow or reply to anyone on another instance just like you would on Twitter. If you use the tootdon app you can also add other instances to your homescreen. Just search for the instance and add it.

@ruckawriter Hope ya dig and will stick around! I'm hoping more comics folks will hang out here a little more. Probably ain't gonna replace Twitter, but it's a start!

@ruckawriter And yeah, the instances thing is a bit confusing. I've got an account at and another at . I kind of think of it a little bit like having multiple twitter accounts to follow different groups of people. I don't really juggling, honestly, and mostly just post from the account. And then periodically check the Federated feed at to see what's up.

@gregpak so if I want to be in the comicspace instance, that requires a separate account?

@ruckawriter @gregpak Not necessarily. You can follow and interact with the people there from any account.

@andrlik @ruckawriter Right. But if you want to see the Federated timeline that shows all of the posts of all the people in the comicspace instance, you need a comicspace account. As far as I've been able to determine, anyway! ;-)

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