WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM, signed, sketched & shipping today! If you can get it from your local shop, do so. If not, I've got the new edition from @ruckawriter@twitter.com & me & @OniPress@twitter.com available at my etsy store. etsy.com/listing/579428567/the

Love this Carrie Stetko drawing from @DanSchkade@twitter.com. Dan drew it to celebrate the WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM, which comes out this Wednesday, December 6 from @OniPress@twitter.com. Both volumes of @ruckawriter@twitter.com's & my Eisner-winning series, plus a new afterword from Greg!

And here that digital painting of Carrie from WHITEOUT. It’s by @JonathanCase . Jonathan is an AMAZING artist- a writer, illustrator, muralist, cartoonist and more!

And I think I've successfully gotten my feet wet over at comicspace, too.

Admit this is taking some getting used to, but so far nothing that's a deal breaker. Not even calling it "tooting".

@gregpak let me know if you figure it out. I have so many stacks of unused ones...not even sure if they can be recycled.

All right, team is slowly coming aboard on Mastodon. Welcome to @erictrautmann & @RobertRambles , let's see how quickly this place can turn into a dystopic nightmare!! 🙃

Rainy Saturday. Not included: fire in fireplace and Monk on the record player.

Two hour note call. Line by line for 130 pages. But the GOP can’t let anyone read their tax scam. Bastards.

@gregpak so if I want to be in the comicspace instance, that requires a separate account?

@TheDreamingGoat thank you. Trying to figure out how to join other instances now....

First post here. Mostly to see if I can handle it.


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