So Perl 7 will be the continuation of Perl 5. But Perl 6 ins't a continuation of 5.

Are these two separate languages now? Perl Odd and Perl Even?

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@elmiko As @vertigo mentioned, Perl 6 is now a different language (Raku), and since the 6 was "taken", the next version of Perl is now 7.

@ruivieira Perl 6 has been renamed to Raku, and my understanding is that it is considered a completely separate language now.

@vertigo It would be top trolling to keep two separate languages, with the same name and interspersed version numbers...

@ruivieira That would be precisely the post-modern behavior I'd come to expect from Perl, honestly. Perl 4 and Perl 5 are basically different languages as well, so . . . ?

@vertigo I've never been a Perl developer but I've always admired how it (and it's community) manage to not take some things seriously (that others do) and take some very seriously (that others don't).

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