Was planning on going to the beach, but since this is the North Sea, ended up listening to "More" in the car...

When you are working on a demo with 50 different moving parts and finally everything works. [insert apotheotic choral music]

I live very near to a park and this morning I've decided to go for quick walk for exercise and fresh air. I tried to go really early to avoid peak times and was ready to maintain social distancing. It was eerily quiet, but that's a good thing.

Whenever I remember to update Crystal, I always forget it will build an updated LLVM from scratch. Every. Single. Time.

Can someone savvy in economics explain to me what is happening here? (exports of gold from the UK)

Got hold of a nth-hand copy of "Berserker", the 1967 classic.
Was expecting a kitsch classic (full of "positronic brains"), but the impending bleak atmosphere holds extremely well!

Interesting. Found my ancient Kindle, unused since 2010. Works fine after a single charge.

uk pol 

Was sorting out an old box of physical mail when I found this classic:

Started recently taking sleep health seriously. Current steps are:

1) Between 7-8h sleep whenever possible
2) No caffeine/alcohol after dinner
3) No more tablets/phones/laptops in bed. Reading a book instead!

3) also allows me to catch on my reading list backlog, which is great. Believe or not, I never went past the first book, so reading this one now:

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