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Was planning on going to the beach, but since this is the North Sea, ended up listening to "More" in the car...

@elmiko As @vertigo mentioned, Perl 6 is now a different language (Raku), and since the 6 was "taken", the next version of Perl is now 7.

@stux The person that named meatballs is a contender.

@vertigo I've never been a Perl developer but I've always admired how it (and it's community) manage to not take some things seriously (that others do) and take some very seriously (that others don't).

@vertigo It would be top trolling to keep two separate languages, with the same name and interspersed version numbers...

So Perl 7 will be the continuation of Perl 5. But Perl 6 ins't a continuation of 5.

Are these two separate languages now? Perl Odd and Perl Even?

@sciss I'm not familiar with either FFT or Wavelet methods in context of image to sound, but what about Hilbert curves? (

@piggo @er1n He was an ALGOL fanboy so perhaps everything coming from that would be ok (Go, Pascal, Nim, ...). Everything else would be crap, probably...

@strypey Eh, disregard that pre-coffee comment. Of course you meant public ones. It is still working for me, though.

@elmiko Got it. I wonder if the community is already working on some “classic Github” user CSS 😉

@vertigo Yeah, sorry should have explained better.

My particular gripe is with all the people piling on the "omg this is the end of macOS" without actually discussing why is it technically bad (especially since it's nothing unheard of).

I'm trying to be neutral. I kinda understand what they're aiming at, but I'm willing to be convinced it's a bad idea.

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