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@sir $ curl -L
<head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head>
<center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center>

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I have problems with deciding what to work on, especially for personal projects. So when @sir wrote the specification for a little cryptography utility a week ago, I figured, "I could try my hands at that." So I did. Announcing the pre-release of noseplumbs. A POSIX/c99 cryptography tool. It can currently generate keys and sign messages. Improvements welcome!

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My todo list and journal are just plaintext files in ~/documents, by the way. Never write an app where a plaintext file could solve the problem in 1/100th the time

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@lanodan not needing an account to participate is a core principle, I'm glad it's working ❤️ no walled gardens!

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I give GNOME a lot of shit but they don't deserve to be targetted by patent trolls. Support them here:

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🎉 wl-clipboard 2.0 is out! 🎉

wl-clipboard is a project that lets you interact with your #Wayland clipboard from the command line, similarly to xclip/xsel on X11 and pbcopy/pbpaste on macOS.

2.0 is a big, long-awaited release! The guts of wl-clipboard have been completely rewritten to fix multiple issues and enable new functionality, all while keeping the same user- and scripting-friendly interface, and the same do-what-I-mean type matching logic.


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Let's talk about HTML5 live streaming. There are two competing technologies for it: DASH and HLS. They are terrible.

When both were implemented, there already existed several established, simple, standardized, and broadly supported options for live streaming video. Browsers wanted none of it.

Instead, Apple came up with HLS. It splits your video and audio into separate streams and then cuts them up into N second chunks (usually 5-30 seconds). Then it uses JavaScript to poll a playlist file for the list of upcoming segments, then munges them into a non-live <video> and <audio> element in real time.

This garbage is patent encumbered.

Therefore, Google made basically the exact same thing except they used XML, fucking XML, for the manifest.

This is what's happening behind the scenes of all live video you watch on the internet. This is also in no small part responsible for livestreaming video murdering any low-powered devices you try to play it on. Because JavaScript is king and standards are for losers.

Organizing "meetings" on Linux with exchange crap is annoying… If somebody alters an event, you do not even see a diff. Am I missing something?

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A little birdie tells me they've managed to get presentation latency on sway down to single digit milliseconds


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