It's like the last person to sit at this desk was allergic accuracy and generally being competent at basic administrative tasks. I've more or less managed so far but today has broken me.


After I eventually clear through this backlog of incompetency (which will genuinely take months) I am going to go on an efficiency rampage.

Currently experiencing that horrible sinking feeling after you've been in a new job for a whole month and you're only now grasping the full extent to which your predecessor has ballsed everything up.

I would like to join a smaller instance without running multiple accounts but my unique blend of geekery, avant-garde , obscure recommendations, enthusiasm and general spaffery make it hard to find one that's a good fit. Any suggestions?

@ITOmarHernandez It's a small deck of playing cards where most cards are dual-suited rather than single suited, and they also have unique names and images like Tarot cards. There have been many very unique games designed for it, rules for which can be found on the Decktet wiki.

@ITOmarHernandez If you're interested in pure solo games (I find them useful to have so I'm not always harassing my partner to play games!) then I can't recommend the Oniverse series enough. So far I have Onirim and Castellion, with Sylvion next on my list!

Also for maximum bang for your buck, why not pick up a Decktet?

@ITOmarHernandez Link's not working for me, unfortunately but I second Pandemic (original, not Legacy) and Carcassonne as modern classics that it's hard to go wrong with. I'd also recommend Dominion - lots of relatability in just the base set.

@ITOmarHernandez What sort of thing are you looking for? Some idea of player count, play style (e.g. competetive vs co-op), thematic vs abstract, etc. might help narrow it down?

Generally speaking I oppose the death penalty, but I may be willing to make an exception for IT support staff who call me "buddy".

Grinding through today's office gruntwork with the aid of some lovely angular . These chaps ought to be far better known in circles.

@Metebelis2 That is actually a brilliant idea. Draconians are certainly a very New Who friendly concept - it surprises me that neither RTD or Moffat gave them a go. Mind you, it baffles me that they never returned in the classic series either.

Still, I'm not cut up about the Silurians we got in New Who. One of the advantages of being a child of the wilderness years is that I have no major nostalgic attachment to any era. I just love all of it!

@Metebelis2 I've always had mixed feelings about this design. On the one hand, it's certainly more faithful to the classic design, and much creepier as a result. On the other, it would have been more restrictive for performers and as a result we probably wouldn't have gotten Madame Vastra, who is one of my favourite recurring characters of the Moffat era.

I’ll never forgive the internet for training a generation of artists and writers to call what they make “content.”

Boxes have contents. You’re a fucking ARTIST. You make ART. Own it.

Can anyone recommend me a good self-help book about how to get out of the bed?

Just had my arse handed to me with ruthless efficiency by Mrs Moon during a game of . Thank goodness she's never been tempted to use that mind of hers for evil.

Final thoughts on Invasion of the Dinosaurs. 

Getting through my last hour at work with the aid of some rich, juicy Keneally.

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