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I mean what do you want from me? I don't know what to say. It's a cat on a coffee table. Leave me alone.

While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

Here's a poem from a couple of years ago. 

is it true that "JPEG" stands for "Jay graydon's guitar solo on the song Peg"

me a week ago: i don't want to migrate my online presence to mastodon because the big accounts i follow won't be on there and i'll miss their posts

me now: i hope i never see a post from a big account ever again in my life

Here's a poem from a couple of years ago. 

Anyone got any good instrumental recommendations? The obscurer the better!

Scatological musings 

If you're a writer and want some eyes on your work, post it with the tag.

If you're someone who enjoys reading and has some free time on their hands, have a gander through that tag. Feedback on writing > positive reinforcement > motivation. <3

damn i really hope keyforge becomes a hit. i think it looks great and i want ffg to make it work

You've got to admire the chutzpah of a story like Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg spent $63 million to make Jurassic Park, but Barry Letts and co seem to be trying to pull off something similar on a budget of about fifty quid.

Anyone know why hashtags don't seem to work above the line on a CW post? Is it just the app I'm using or is Mastodon like that across the board?


By No Means Necessary 

Three weeks in to my new job and I fear I shall never get used to my alarm going off at 6:30. No one should be up at that hour. It's simply unnatural.

I've always admired Wally of "Where's Wally" fame. Not only for his strong sense of personal style, but also his ability to remain totally calm in crowded environments - both qualities I unfortunately lack.

Disenchantment S1 thoughts 

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