Any recommendations for an app to convert whiteboard images to text? So far I'm insatisfied with the results from using Evernote, Office Lens, and Google docs.

It could of course be that I just have crap handwriting.

99% of the cars at the park and ride are parked near the station, but I've noticed a few cars that are parked by themselves forget away. This week I figured out that those cars are getting shade in the afternoon from the trees!


FYI, Amazon's having a Kindle cookbook sale. Much less clutter this way.

TIL about, which is a cookbook indexing service. Anyone I know using it? Opinions?

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RT Dallas / Fort Worth Airport WiFi Connections

Read some of the names on the list πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Now that we've had a couple years of living with voice command interfaces it's time to talk about the casualty rate on the Enterprise's turbo lifts.

Apparently today is the day that I get to the platform just as the train doors close.

Ah, the feeling you get on writing the payoff check for a loan.

Holy shit, this is huge. Now begins the challenge of making it culturally acceptable too.

β€˜Gay sex is not a crime,’ says Supreme Court in historic judgment - Times of India

In a historic judgment, a 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously said that consensual adult gay sex is not a crime.

It never ceases to amaze me how shitty Cisco is at this.

Watermelon gazpacho is so good but such a pain to make. Brunoise an entire watermelon...

Now I'm gonna be late for work because those 15 minutes stretched into half an hour.

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Woke up 15 minutes before the alarm went off, so spent it petting the cats.

And now he's mad at me for giving him his medicine.

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This weekend we had dinner at Xochi, a high end restaurant that takes inspiration from the food of Oaxaca, Mexico. I'm left wondering if a native Oaxacan would be as bothered by the menu as I am by high end Indian restaurants that take liberties with that cuisine.

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