RT @FriedrichPieter
With so much support for our year-end fundraising goal, raising final goal to $50,000 as we:

- Pursue story about Australian ambassador meeting RSS
- Investigate RSS influence in UK, Germany, and Australia
- Prepare to publish “Saffron International”


Bhakts will be crestfallen if you told them that Mr. Cyrus Poonavala is a childhood friend of Mr. Sharad Pawar.

He still credits Mr. Pawar for playing a vital role in Serum Institute's success.

It takes a genius to create Institutions

It takes a Fcukeer to claim credit.

RT @OmairTAhmad
The violation of human rights is as much, and as little, a "domestic issue" as the beating of a spouse or the molestation of children is a "family matter".

RT @RealHistoryPic
The "Holocaust" was Germani's internal matter. ~ Adolf Hitler. (1938)

RT @MirzaWaheed
Some of these marvellous people are going to say “internal matter” even if corpses begin to pile up in detention centres.

RT @Anuragkukreti7
Who asked the PM to bring in these new Farm Laws?🤔

RT @tweets_amit
Irrelevant Update:

Just saw a reporter from a Hindi news channel which is calling the protesting farmers "Khalistani" - eating kachori at the langar run by the farmers.

Thanks to the farmers for not discriminating.

Love trumps hate.

RT @mmazumdar2014
Sick of this faux nationalism of Delhi media and of this govt. 'No one can say anything about my country's 'internal matters'- why? Anyone anywhere in the world invested in democratic values must speak up for violations in everywhere. Period.

RT @Understand_me
@rupagulab Something special abt these octogenarians. They were born in colonial India, saw the transition to a free nation, were the builders of modern India, kept these sanghi bots in check all these years and even now they are giving them jitters.

I'm not directly connected with @tcs . Not a friend or family works there or has business with it.

Yet, the name @tcs invokes warmth and goodwill.

Please don't spoil it by sponsoring hate.

@tcs Please don't 🙏🙏 twitter.com/AbhinandanSekhr/st

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There is no possible legal basis for this, unless you're going to detain all protesters there.

Of course, to get Supreme Court etc to care, we all know what to ask: Will heavens fall if she goes to the protest site? twitter.com/ANI/status/1333722

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This lack of trust is all thanks to India's TV anchors.
They've achieved what they set out to do: destroy journalism.

RT @sonaliranade
The farmers agitation shows how dangerous it can be to give NRIs a vote.

RT @ElmaGoldwyn
“Ab ki Baar
Trump Sarkar”
Was Doland running for President of India? twitter.com/_pallavighosh/stat

RT @OmairTAhmad
India was one of the 48 countries that voted in favour of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

The principles of the UDHR are considered binding in customary international law.

Their violation is not a "domestic issue".

That's the law.

Welcome to fascist India where the govt directly snoops on you via your cell phone at home, and on social media via their spies. All these “lawyers”who report tweets to the govt and the courts are potty-trained at shakhas.

RT @VakashaS
Solidarity with @sanitarypanels aginst the foolishness of our law students and the Attorney General.

RT @urvish2020
“ज़रा देखो तो, ये ट्रुडो सरकार गिराने के लिये कितने सांसद चाहिए?”
“How many MPs are required to switch side to bring down Trudeau?”

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