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Today is the first day that I signed more discharges from quarentine than admitting patients .
Fingers crossed , this trend continues .

Told ya! “It is clear now that Netanyahu may even succeed in achieving the goal of the most recent deterioration: to ensure that his rivals Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett won’t be able to form a government...”. haaretz.com/israel-news/.premi

Sounds familiar: “Over the years, Netanyahu has created a state ruled not by politicians, but by a close-knit political mafia, kept in sync by his enforcer...Together, the two, along with the other obedient party lackeys, enforce strict allegiance to Netanyahu, the sole leader.”
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Why is no one talking of taking Netanyahu to ICC in the Hague? haaretz.com/israel-news/.premi

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A day after 71 bodies of suspected victims were retrieved from the Ganga at Chausa in Buxar district of , the authorities on Wednesday spread a big net in the river to catch bodies floating in from the neighbouring

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IS Chahal, BMC chief :

BMC has issued global bid today to acquire 1 crore COVID vaccines to vaccinate citizens of Mumbai at the earliest possible on a massive scale

Every effort being made to vaccinate all eligible citizens of Mumbai on war footing in the next 60-90 days.

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Give all jobless Rs 6000 per month, provide free food grains to needy: 12 Oppn parties tell PM Modi in letter

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@razumikhin888 @AnupamPKher And people choking to death without oxygen.

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Hearing @AnupamPKher on TV. The usual platitudes - the sun will shine, the rains will stop, death happens..

But interestingly "New York was worse"? Did we see bodies floating down the Potomac?

12 Opp parties wrote to Pappu PM, offering advice on how to deal with Covid & said, “Though it has not been the practice of your office or government, we would appreciate a response to our suggestions...” But whoops: Mayawati & Kejriwal did not sign it 😡 ndtv.com/india-news/dear-pm-ma

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.@Jayant_R_Patil Maharashtra NCP president says whenever there are elections around the corner, the fuel prices are reduced, once the elections are over, fuel prices again jacked up. What sort of economics is this Patil asks union finance minister @nsitharaman

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By the way, petrol crossed the century

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Maharashtra govt temporary suspended the vaccinations for the 18 to 45 yrs old age group due to a shortage of vaccines. Health Minister Mr Tope said they are facing a huge shortage of vaccines, the priority is to give the second dose to above 45 yrs old people @NewIndianXpress

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The Bombay High Court told the Goa government if anyone dies due to lack of oxygen, then it is violations of article 21 of the Indian constitutions -- the right to live the life & duty of govt to protect the lives of citizens. @NewIndianXpress

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