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Now what?? We need to know more about this @ShekharGupta @sardesairajdeep @BDUTT - will you tell us or would it destroy your story? twitter.com/sm_bishnoi/status/

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Where does BJP/RSS get money for trading MLAs? Are these funds available 4 trading stocks?


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Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar didn’t join the British because everyone has ‘ambition’

RT @sonaliranade
India enter stage 3 of the Covid-19 epidemic.

“He said the next five to 10 days would be crucial to control the epidemic as those who are asymptomatic may start showing symptoms.”


Take care people. The perfect storm has arrived.

RT @chatukhor
Completely wrong ! I remember how viciously TV channels attacked Congress from 2009 onwards, if not earlier. Yes, Rajat Sharma, Times Cow and company did flourish during UPA years. Congress is paying a price for not treating them like the present government. twitter.com/SandipGhose/status

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Rahul Gandhi is dynasty and entitled. He isn’t fit for office.

Sachin Pilot is (not) dynasty and entitled. He “deserves” the office.

What logic explains this weird contorted line “senior journalists” have been putting out? Help me, please.

RT @YangerLongkume2
Now Pilot.

Sad to lose young dynamic leaders like them & I wish them well.

But this doesn't change the fact that they betrayed the party & their constituents, for their personal interests.
Nothing more, nothing less.

RT @palaceintrigue_
The biggest casualty of the betrayal by @SachinPilot is the Gujjar community. Had he shown more tact and more patience, the Gujjar community would have seen a CM in Rajasthan from their community in 2028. Vinaash Kaale, Viprit Buddhi.

RT @vispikaikobad
If there's one thing Modi understands well, it is that opening a Home for Petulant Opportunists will keep him in clover for a long time.

Failed journalists, impatient dynasts and sundry sellouts are turned into fixed deposits that'll keep giving interest in the future. twitter.com/bhupendrachaube/st

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What is the end game, after state governments and, therefore, the Rajya Sabha, are brought under control? Why would MLA,s MPs, or state governments or parties themselves matter when Constitution itself becomes putty, to be amended as needed?

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That is all bakwas. He was thick in negotiations with BJP but could not get the numbers. twitter.com/archismohan/status

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‘The more things change the more they remain the same,’ -Jean Baptiste

India all up in arms over a border dispute recently & now national attention is transfixed on domestic political machinations in Rajasthan.

India spends too much energy & time on domestic politics/elections.

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Cong critics say the party must promote inner party democracy. If this is followed then majority of MLAs votes for Gehlot as CM. This weakens Sachin’s claim to CMship saying he deserved a chance. Yes, his demand for genuine power sharing was valid which Gehlot should have managed

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Across states, the only thing which can have no lockdown is Operation Kamala.

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Next scene: BJP will demand floor test.

Therefore: SC will demand floor test.

Meanwhile jokers in Delhi: Sigh resort politics! Sigh what have things come to! Sigh acidity! Sigh Chanakya!

Then: Raids in Rajasthan.

Then we shall see.

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well done, there is a bottom line that the cong should have enforced long ago, sulking babas who think they'll play with the bjp if they don't get the toys they ask for should have been so dealt with long ago. twitter.com/rohanduaTOI/status

Hello @SachinPilot
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Do listen to deserving but denied god of all universes , test cricket captain of all countries and possible next religious messiah Sachin Pilot’s own words


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If someone called you Mr Puri, I thank them for their concern, and thank you for your consideration as well but it still does not change the facts: I have made no such request, and I am making no such request. As I said, I will be vacating the house by the 1st of August..1/2 twitter.com/hardeepspuri/statu

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Hard work is fighting the fascists, NOT joining the fascists, Priya. twitter.com/PriyaDutt_INC/stat

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He should have attacked Rahul Gandhi with whom he had no issues and not Gehlot with whom he had because the writer of this piece dislikes Rahul? Ok then. twitter.com/shekhargupta/statu

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