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Not trying to be deliberately obnoxious here, but the distance between ground politics & editorial rooms has never been wider.
It was a bleedy wave out there, only political editors couldn't see it. twitter.com/dksingh73/status/1

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Apparently a monkey took over the principal’s chair in a Gwalior school. Inspired by what’s happened at the centre since 2014, no doubt...

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It was never a dream. It was misleading propaganda. And the Congress left Rahul Gandhi alone to combat it. He is still alone combating it twitter.com/KapilSibal/status/

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Every time the virus spreads,it replicates,and every time it replicates it gets a chance to mutate.
Yesterday the number of Covid cases were at 44230 approximately.This is the highest in 3 weeks .
PLEASE DOUBLE MASK UP PROPERLY. Get Vaccinated. Maintain Social Distance.

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Don’t they have “tall story” event at the Olympics?

Trust the world to conspire to keep out Indian talent in the Modified Era.

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Blessed are the parents who let their daughters escape abroad.

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If BJP IT Cell’s propaganda could fill tummies, no Indian would go hungry.

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An amazing proportion of the upper crust still think Modi means well but has been unlucky. They don’t realize that when you take away income from from the bottom of the pyramid, to feed the top, sooner than later, growth grinds to a halt & system stress explodes.

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Will we need visas to go from one state to another in future? Also, work visas to work in another state?

SC to hear Pegasus plea—depending on its workload next week.

Attention . Please take down that Olympic scorecard with the no of medals countries have won. India looks sad and lonely with just one.

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Today, @TheSlowFireChef completes 1 year and we would like to Thank all the subscribers, viewers for watching and supporting our show. Today’s episode KEEMA PAV is the 47th Episode of the series @YouTubeCreators @YouTubeIndia youtu.be/7E4eZOjDSf4

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Do they not own citizens something beyond the learned treatise on safe trivia?

For them to ponder.

Hint. All of Modi’s problems with falling & failing growth is in the services sector. It is largely demonetization, GST, RERA and Chinese imports that killed off small firms.

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Vaccines in India, like much else, is a Modi made disaster. Arrogance & hubris, an inability to admit errors, preclude corrective action in time. Nation pay the price of folly and amorality. twitter.com/waris_masih/status

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Environmental lawyer Dr @arpithakodiveri emphasized on the context of the climate crisis and said, "One would require laws that hold businesses accountable to deforestation as opposed to amending forest laws to ease the regulatory environment for them." bit.ly/3BZVVmI

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"...it is anachronistic to equate forests and its products with farms and its products. These are two related but very different ecosystems and should not be confused as being similar in terms of their commercial appeal, if any," said @yamunajiye bit.ly/3BZVVmI

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