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If you’ve already seen a parrot singing Led Zeppelin today just keep on scrolling...

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@Gen_Chohan @oldkrish Sir, these are the calculations for Delhi.

Sadly, I think the General has fallen prey to deliberate misinformation from vested interests who want to hide the trails of the loot by the govt.
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.@OnReality_Check | Did ex-ratings agency head leverage Arnab Goswami's political clout?

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.@OnReality_Check | “An example of crony capitalism at its worst”: Dilip Cherian, Image Guru on the TRP fraud case

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.@OnReality_Check | “This (current) system (of ratings) is a total fraud and we have to go away from it”: Dr SY Quraishi, Former member, NBSA, Former DG, Doordarshan

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.@OnReality_Check | “Ridiculous to claim that everybody knew about the Balakot strike, most certainly nobody else did”: says Mahua Moitra, Lok Sabha MP, AITC

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“Hamarey Mehul bhai & Hamarey Arnab” @PMOIndia where does the buck stop?

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Are you @Indiatoday or Pakistan Today????

You don't show protest of farmers but have all the time to show protests from Pakistan?????!?

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Nation gets to know (not about 'NM' or 'AS' but about Pakistan) | How's the economy? Ask Arnab | NIA farmer 'repression' on; dirty trick flops | Vaccine adverse events count 'comforting' | & More...

Read the stories at telegraphindia.com/?utm_source

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Republic's tweet, including the text of the statement, mentions the word 'Pakistan' 11 times. As they keep getting exposed, expect that number to increase dramatically.

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"He (Arnab Goswami) had prior information about the attacks and Article 370 - things we were kept in the dark about in the Parliament," says Mahua Moitra, Lok Sabha MP, AITC

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Now, why does this sound so familiar? @GorwayGlobal @pash22 @PriyankaPulla @spkalantri

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Health Ministry's DCGI, who finally approved COVID Vaccines, when asked who will be liable for adverse reactions/death from it, says-

"No info. However, any individual has to assess the risks and benefits before using COVID-19 Vaccine"

Basically, all by yourself👏

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The permanent excuse - Pakistan. Answer the questions raised in India

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