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Native American proverbs don't exist. Which Native Americans? If you don't know, they probably didn't say it.

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Way Too Many Adults Can Recite Harry Potter Scenes Word For Word

Fewer than 40 percent of those with a hearing disability work full time, data shows. "If you can't hear or speak right, you're not going to get a job," says Amanda Koller, who is deaf and –– despite her master's degree –– struggles to find employment.

150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

Sunday, neo-Nazis in the group Patriot Front blanketed Northwest towns like #Tacoma with flyers. Antifascist groups like @PugetSoundJBGC + @DisconnectWP responded by collecting the flyers + taking them back to the doorsteps of the people who put them up.

@paeneultima Federation is opt- in. You want see anything from any other instance until somebody from your instance follows someone there. Or until you use a relay.

I think tomorrow we should all post the β€œmaking fun of white people is never racist” image all day to weed out the leftists that get very mad when you make fun of white people

β€œI voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Minton told Mazzei. β€œI thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

White Americans keep telling us they don't give a shit about a healthy nation. They just want to hurt people they don't like. That has been most prominent motivation for the white vote since the country was founded.

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I'm expecting that in 2019 interest in self-hosting will increase because between government regulation and misguided faith in AI I don't see the problems which Facebook and Twitter have being easily resolved by any silver bullet solution.

Often after people have used the fediverse for a while they want to try hosting their own instance.

In the UK context I expect that in February/March Twitter will become an unbearable stream of brexit fights and screaming centrists. These days you only have to utter the wrong AI trigger phrase and your account gets suspended, so I think there will be lots of people swearing at particular politicians and then having their accounts suspended and showing up in the fediverse that way.

I'll try to keep the brexit stuff to a minimum, and behind CW. It's bound to be mostly boring Westminster village obsessions. If a revolutionary situation emerges though that could be worth reporting upon. Things like an attempted coup are maybe possible.

From personal experience, neoliberals love it you if you talk a good talk on human rights, justice, and equality. They fall over themselves trying to associate with you. And they’re equally aghast and can’t distance themselves fast enough the moment they see you walk the walk and realise that you actually mean it and won’t be giving them an exception or allow yourself to be used to whitewash their bullshit.

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an instance called where we all roleplay as vegetable merchants

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