Flickr-using EMF attendees: due to the imminent Flickr purge, we will be archiving your lovely photos. To take advantage of this complimentary service, please make sure your photos:

* Are not licensed as "All Rights Reserved"
* Are tagged as "emfcamp" or "emf<year>"

and you might like to upload them to hubzilla, osada or pixelfed

@paulfree14 do any of these federated services support uploading historical content in a nice way yet? You don't really want to spam peoples' feeds with old stuff.

within hubzilla and I think also osada you can upload pictures and decide to have them visable in your profil, but not in your stream.
I'm not shure how it's done in @pixelfed


@paulfree14 cool. I'm still wondering whether to migrate my flickr photos to a static site generator or some federated thing.

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