Looks like Twitter has finally killed the chronological timeline. What a waste.

It's actually not impossible that this is a bug. When it happens, it fixes itself if I refresh (which would be a pretty crappy way to run an A/B test).

@russss has it? it's still working for me on Tweetdeck, and on my third-party client using Twitter for Mac keys

@russss That's a shame. I heavily relied on the chronological order. Now I don't know if I will receive what I want. This is very unfortunate in many ways. One of the cases is that I follow the National Weather Service. What a jumbled up mess that is when I get yesterday's weather at the top of the feed and tomorrow's is at the bottom.

P.S. Don't ever do that, Mastodon.

@russss even on the cronical order I had tweets just plain dissapear and reappear after reloads it’s just amazing how much of a mess it is currently.

@russss you can still set most accounts to notification and then silence the notifications on your phone. Then Twitter shows got exactly what you have and haven't seen, in chronological order. (On the notifications tab)

@russss I still see the option to show latest tweets on the Android app. Maybe its coming?

@russss The chronological timeline is the reason I got on Twitter. Sad to see it go. that explains what was going on last night, I assumed it was just b0rked

@russss that way current news won't be such a nuisance haha

@russss I don't think so. I am getting my timeline in chronological order.

@russss there are so many tweets that it is useless anyway. Can't read all of them anyway, need some help. Works for me.

@russss they posted today claiming it was a bug. Mhmmm yep

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