I regret to inform you I have finally become one of those mechanical keyboard people.

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Apparently this keyboard has "south-facing" (?!) backlight LEDs which completely fail to illuminate these keycaps. And also my RSI is back.

But otherwise it's a nice keyboard.

@russss what's the model? I don't need a new mechanical keyboard but an ISO layout plus probably-unnecessary jog wheel, hmm...!

@russss ive always used mechanical keyboards, as a gamer I get better tactile feel....

but the clicky noises just do my head in if they get me the wrong way XD (dont use clicky keys if that irritates you)

@russss Looks nice. I went for an ergodox as I fancied a change. What brand is that? I do like a dial - is that what's on the top right?

@russss visual sliders on the desktop for such things just don't cut it. One thing I'd like on my ergodox. I'll just have to build another kind. I suspect this is how it starts

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